About Evenheat Kiln, Inc.

Evenheat Kiln was founded in 1948 by John and Margaret Watson. The beginning of Evenheat can be traced indirectly back to the late 1890's when Margaret's grandmother was a china painter. Not having kilns at the time she fired her ware in a pit in the backyard. Margaret so admired her grandma's lovely paintings that she decided to try her hand at this art.

John decided to build a kiln to fire his wife's ware. This eliminated transporting the fragile china across town for firing. It was suggested that John build kilns for shops to sell: hence the birth of Evenheat. Personal kilns were unique at this time with Evenheat being one of the pioneers.

Evenheat is located on the beautiful, blue shores of Lake Huron and has grown steadily from these humble beginnings to become a major kiln manufacturer serving the ceramic, glass, heat treat and metal clays markets.

Better by Design™

At Evenheat, design matters. We're constantly evaluating our design choices and construction techniques to produce the best possible products. Kilns are equipment, and like any piece of equipment, they will be used. Making sure they work well with you is our primary concern. Our designs include many unique and user friendly features such as our custom lid and door handles that are easy to grasp and operate, lid lift systems designed not only to help lift the lid but to protect the kiln from damage and our pivoting swing-up controls for comfortable use.

Well designed equipment that performs as it should, that's what Evenheat delivers.


Evenheat Controller Options

Firing Controls

Temperature control is the heart and soul of the kiln. Evenheat works closely with both SDS Industries and Bartlett Instrument to bring you the latest in technology, performance and design.

Our most popular control is the TAP which combines a large touchscreen with superior performance. The TAP was designed from the start to work with all firing and heat processing styles.

Our Rampmaster and Set-Pro controls offer full firing control in a more traditional 4-digit layout. While the Genesis, with it's ceramic firing vibe, offers a stepped-up Rampmaster feel with ceramic "cone-fire".

TAP Controller 

TAP Controller

The TAP is our premier temperature controller: its wonderfully simple operation, excellent control capability and well laid-out touchscreen just rock. The TAP is, by far, the best performing and best selling temperature control.

Nowhere is simple-use more evident than in the single touch needed to access your firing programs (schedules). Just touch the Start key and all of your programs are immediately displayed for selection. Programs are displayed in full, easy to read text.

Creating your firing programs follows this relaxed feel as well. The TAP walks you through the process with on-screen displays and text that are easily understood and followed. Once created, your programs stay as long as you want them. The TAP has lots of room so feel free to create as many as you wish.

Temperature control is tight and on the mark. Overshoot and ripple are kept to a bare minimum, particularly when coupled with our Quiet Drive Solid State output. Consistency is not an issue as the TAP performs reliably time after time.

The TAP contains preset programs (schedules) for Glass, Ceramic and Metal Clay firing. We do not install preset programs for heat treat as wide variation and personal preference would make them more-or-less useless.

The manufacturer of the TAP (SDS Industries) has created an App for the TAP which is available in both iOS and Android. Access to the app is available through the TAP's built-in USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports.

 A dedicated USB Wi-Fi dongle is required for USB connection and can be purchased separately.

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Rampmaster III Controller 

Rampmaster III Controller

The Rampmaster 3 is our traditional full featured control and features a 4 digit display. It offers two programming methods depending on your needs and experience: Custom Mode and Express Mode.

Custom Mode is a programming method that allows you to define all aspects of the firing from temperature rates to set points and hold times. This programming style is perfect for heat treating and custom glass firing programs. Custom Mode offers full artistic control.

Express Mode is a programming method designed exclusively for glass work and offers an easy, 3 step programming process. Simply key in your glass COE, firing style and firing speed to create the firing program. It's quick, it's easy and it's accurate.

The Rampmaster 3 control will work with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

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Genesis Controller 

Genesis Controller

The Genesis is designed specifically for ceramic use and is only available as an option on our Ceramic models.

The Genesis contains preset ceramic programs and also open positions to store any custom programs. Simply load your custom program into the run position and proceed to edit and modify. You can name your new custom program with up to 16 characters.

The Genesis control will work with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

Set-Pro Controller 

Set-Pro Controller

The Set-Pro is our economical, 3 button control and features Express Mode and Custom programming along with the traditional 4 digit display.

The Set-Pro with Express Mode allows you to select pre-loaded programs in a quick and easy style. For more advanced firing, the Set-Pro also allows you to define all the firing details using the Custom Mode. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran the Set-Pro with Express Mode has you covered with features and reliable operation.

"On-the-Fly" features allow you to add time and temperature to your holds along with a skip ahead feature.

While the Set-Pro will work with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relays, it is not designed to offer the tight temperature control of our other control choices.

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